ISD FAILS TO REPORT Hazing and sexual abuse in Forney ISD! #fixFISD #fixfisd

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Hazing involving sexual assault is a problem in FISD.  A school environment that doesn't foster accurate reporting and response is a systemic problem in Forney TX ISD.  This has been going on for years and the leaders actions reflect more cover up than good solutions.  #fixFISD #fixfisd

I recently confirmed that sexual assault hazing involving 'tea bagging' has been an issue in band and was described as a 'tradition'.

5 people have been arrested recently, but it's unfortunately just addressing the immediate trouble makers on the soccer team.

A brave young student and his family reported this assault in mid December and our coach and officials didn't manage reporting it to police until January 17th.   The soccer coach and principal are still on duty and the soccer team just went right back to playing games. 

Our leaders are placing careers and concerns about their reputation over the safety of our children and the safety of victims.  They should have removed the coach and other leaders until police have finished investigating and cleared them from wrong doing. 

Sadly i spoke with one of the cops at the school who said he has helpful information but doesn't want to go public for fear of losing his job. I heard a similar complaint from a teacher. I've spoken with parents who complain but fear speaking out.  What kind of environment do we really have in FISD?

As a parent, I've approached the leadership in both schools my kids attended.   At the high school, despite everything in the news, I was greeted with 'what hazing?' from the front desk and the principal.  At the middle school I came to report a rumor of a planned fight by kids that day and I couldn't get to see administration until 12:30 in the afternoon.

If you believe the administration should have removed this soccer coach and principal until police finished all investigation please support our petition for change.

Please talk to a handful of other parents and students at the high schools and you'll find the truth.   

My name is Stephen Weed and we've pulled our children from FISD, because I don't see good leadership.  I'm fighting for the FISD and I could really use your help so our kids have a voice and this isn't just swept under the rug.  

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