Cancel McMaster University Classes on Friday, September 27th for the Global Climate Strike

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On Friday, September 27th, students from all across Canada will be walking out of school in protest of the current Climate Change Crisis. So far, many schools have planned on closing in order to show support for the students attending. Carleton University has already cancelled their classes so their students could attend this extremely important cause. Please sign this petition that will be sent to the Dean and anyone else who may need it in order to get Mcmaster University to show our support in this cause.

Contact McMaster Students for Climate Change Advocacy (MSCCA) on Facebook for any inquiries. - see the Facebook page for the full version of the document depicted in the attached photo.

Students should not have to choose between their identity as an educated global citizen and their identity as a McMaster University student. Staff, faculty, and students alike are all welcome to sign this petition, and are more than welcome to send this petition to those who are outside of the McMaster community.

Everyone for the Hamilton area will be meeting at Gore Park where we will be striking. The strike goes from 12pm till 3pm. We hope to start the push for Hamilton and its Climate action plan. Please attend if you can. It is your future that is being affected and your home.

Thank you and hope to see you all there!