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McKinney City Council: McKinney needs its own CITY ANIMAL SHELTER!

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By signing this petition, you are telling your McKinney city leaders that you support the need for a City Animal Shelter with an Adoption program to provide humane care and homes for the dogs and cats of McKinney.

Since 2006, McKinney, along with 13 other cities, has been in a 10 year agreement with Collin County for the County to shelter its animals.  The $3.5 million County shelter has 60 dog kennels and 45 cat spaces.  The population of the 14 cities serviced by this shelter has grown to 311,130 (estimated as of January 2011 by the Census).  McKinney alone was estimated at 132,790 (McKinney grew 141% from 2000 to 2010 & is continuing to grow).  With population numbers like these, the County shelter is continuously over capacity and mostly relying on overburdened Rescue groups to take the animals not redeemed by their owners.   When rescues cannot take them and volunteers can’t find adopters, many adoptable pets end up being killed due to overcrowding.

The County shelter on average takes in about 5,900 dogs and cats per year.  Over one third (38%) of these animals come from McKinney.  McKinney pays over $320,000 per year to the County for sheltering of their animals.  Most McKinney residents don’t even know this shelter exists and therefore may have lost pets being killed due to shelter overcrowding.   McKinney currently has a $4.3 million construction project for Bonnie Wenk Park on Virginia at Hardin, due to open in early 2013, which will include a dog park with a pet wash area. This shows that McKinney does care about the welfare of their pets.  McKinney citizens should be horrified to see how little the County cares for the well-being of the animals coming into the County shelter.

In August 2012, the County Commissioners went on record at their budget meeting as saying they will not invest any money into fixing major issues in the shelter facility (like heat, air conditioning & ventilation), nor will they increase capacity due to the increase in city populations.  They also stated they do not want any staff time spent on adoptions, this is to be the responsibility of volunteers.  There is no vet on staff so many animals have injuries which go untreated and many die from diseases being spread.  The cat enclosures have no ventilation so most cats & kittens have upper respiratory infections that require costly medications or euthanasia due to sickness.  There is not adequate staff in place to properly maintain the dog and cat areas in a timely manner or give the required vaccinations when the animals first arrive, increasing the chance of spreading diseases like Bordatella (kennel cough) and Parvo.   They are also recommending NOT renewing the agreement at the end of the 10 years (in 2016) to provide sheltering for the cities, causing the cities to find their own solution.

WE NEED YOUR HELP.  If you agree that McKinney is big enough to warrant having a full-service animal shelter with comprehensive adoption program that has vets on staff who will ensure all pets are spayed or neutered before leaving the shelter, adequate staffing to properly care for the animals, and a well-publicized adoption center, then please sign this petition to notify your city leaders this is needed.  You can find your City Council information at  The meetings are the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6pm, if you wish to tell them in person that the current arrangement is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE!  Thank you for your support and your love of these defenseless pets.

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