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Petitioning Mr. Dwight A Jordan and 4 others

McIntosh County Georgia Schools: Allow my transgender son to use a safe restroom at school!

All students-- regardless of age, race, ethnicity, ability, size, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, and gender identity-- have to use the bathroom. Logically, it follows that all students need safe and appropriate access to bathroom  facilities in school settings.

Today I was forced to withdraw my child from school because Dr. Hunter, the superintendent of our county school, refused to allow him to use the bathroom safely. My child is transgender; put simply this means he looks like and identifies as a boy, but has the body parts assigned to girls. Forcing him to use a bathroom that does not match his presentation effectively discloses his status as a transgender child and thus endangers him.

Instead of responding to my concern for safety, Dr. William Hunter informed me of his intent to call Child Protection Services. He insists that my child should have to use the girl's bathroom, regardless of the social, emotional, and potentially physical repercussions that this is likely to bring. He additionally refuses to allow the use of a unisex bathroom typically reserved for staff.

I ask you to join me in asserting the right for all children to attend school and access school services safely and appropriately. My child very much wants to go to school and interact with other children at a normal school setting. He deserves the same opportunities that any child in this county should have. Please support us in asking Dr. Hunter and the Board of Education for McIntosh County Schools to recognize his right to equal access to education.

Letter to
Mr. Dwight A Jordan
Mr. Harold Webster
Mr. Joseph Maulden
and 2 others
Mrs. Holly Boone
Mr. Ronald Young
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Dr. William A Hunter, Superintendent of McIntosh County Schools.

Allow transgender children in McIntosh County to use bathrooms safely.

Safe access to bathrooms and other school facilities should be guaranteed to all students, period.