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Stop accepting money from an industry that kills dogs

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***UPDATE: Evidence from compiled reports, including sources at Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV), tragically reveals that 34 'pink dog' racing greyhounds were injured this year — and one diedHow exactly do these statistics fit into GRVs commitment of "ensuring the welfare of greyhounds within the sport"? And how does receiving the funds from a 'sport' that directly caused the unnecessary injury and death of dogs support the McGrath Foundation's aim of promoting health and wellbeing?***

Australians love their dogs — we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world! But there's something horrible happening behind the scenes of greyhound racing that will shock dog lovers everywhere.

Each time a greyhound wearing the number 8 pink rug won a dog race during April, Greyhound Racing Victoria donated $500 to the McGrath Foundation. But what was the real cost behind that donation? There were 138 "pink winners" this year — but for every winner, there were seven losers. And those who came in last just might have lost their lives along with the race…

Thousands of young and healthy greyhounds are killed every year simply because they don't place first. Many of the dogs who run get injured — suffering from torn muscles, broken bones and spinal trauma. Few of these injured dogs are helped to heal and placed into happy retirement. Overbreeding means there is no incentive to help a greyhound recover — it's far simpler to just buy a new one.

This is an industry that has gone to the dogs. There is a complete lack of transparency about unnecessary euthanasia rates, and the recent exposés of doping, cruelty and collusions are damning.

It makes no sense that the McGrath Foundation — an organisation dedicated to alleviating suffering — would align itself with an industry as cruel as greyhound racing.

Dogs aren't called "man's best friend" for nothing. They comfort and assist humans during illness, such as Alzheimer's, and help relieve emotional trauma. And there have been many cases of dogs sniffing out breast cancer in their owners — often before it's noticed by doctors! Surely, supporting dogs in a healthcare program would be more beneficial to the wellbeing of both people and dogs than any funds raised from racing.

The McGrath Foundation is an inspirational organisation, they offer support and hope to thousands of Australians affected by breast cancer — but I now ask they extend that hope to greyhounds suffering in the racing industry too.

Please sign my petition to the McGrath Foundation now. Ask them not to exploit the dogs that give Australians so much joy – leave sport to the human professionals, and make 2104 the last year their Foundation associates with greyhound racing.

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