McFly to Live Stream their O2 Show

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McFly are playing the O2 Arena in London on the 20th November 2019. Having successfully sold out in just 15 minutes, this is great news for the thousands of fans who were able to get tickets, however it has left many disappointed. Not just that, but some are unable to attend for other reasons such as being an international fan or having prior work commitments.

Back in 2013, McFly celebrated their 10th anniversary as a band, by performing at the Royal Albert Hall, on one of the nights, they live streamed the entire performance on a pay per view basis for those fans who were unable to attend to be able to celebrate this achievement with them. Now, we all want to be able to celebrate McFly coming back after 3 years. 

So, this petition is to ask McFly and their management, to consider the fans left out, and look into broadcasting the show in a similar way as they did at the Royal Albert Hall back in 2013. I am sure many fans from the UK and around the world, would highly appreciate them giving us the opportunity to see it live with everyone else who will be there.