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Stop the McDonalds pit bull ads! They owe us an apology!!

The new McDonald's ads are claiming that eating their chicken nuggets is safer than petting a pit bull. Not only is that false advertising, but it is creating a horrible image for not only pit bulls, but all other dogs as well! These dogs are extremely loving and loyal pets. Who ever decided to create this ad is a horrible person and deserves to at least be fired. How could they portray an innocent animal like that? I don't eat McDonald's to begin with, but after seeing this add I can promise you I will never purchase anything from their company again. They will not get any of my money! Please vote to get rid of this horrible ad. I am an animal lover and will not tolerate innocent dogs being portrayed as monsters! I would rather pet an angry pit bull than eat McDonald's chicken nuggets! Not only should McDonald's remove the ads, but they should also publicly apologize for portraying pit bulls like that! No human wants to be discriminated on, and animals don't either! 

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