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Remove Pitbull Slander Ad and Publically Apologize

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Why in the world would your company stoop so low as to compare your product to a pit bull? We the people, are outraged and appalled that you would do such a thing. In the past few years pit bulls and for that matter all bully breeds have gotten a bad rap from the news media. Whether your company understands it or not it is not the breed it is the deed! These dogs are warm loving and loyal pets. The only thing that makes them mean or aggressive is the idiot owners who raise them to be fighters! McDonald's you need to stop trying to stereotype the Pit Bulls! Whom ever decided that it was okay to do this type of advertising should at the least be fired! Wake up and smell the coffee, don't you think that you have just lost a lot of potential business because of your companies stupidity? Think about this; I found out about your ad from a facebook post! How many of us owners do you think will cross post it? I for one will never ever step foot in another of your stores! Your company owes everyone especially the American Pit Bull's an apology! Here is an idea, why don't you and your top executives go to a bully breed rescue and help or better yet why not also make a substantial donation to help these poor defenseless animals! We will not stop until this injustice is corrected and a public apology is made.

These are not my exact words but words from other pitty owners and lovers and I feel they say what we all feel.

Mcdonalds is ignorant! Boycott them until this ad is removed and apologized for! Email them as well at:

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