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Get them to change to a less cruel way of slaughtering

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"McDonald's is a leading killer of chickens, killing hundreds of millions of them every year. Many of these gentle birds have their throats cut while they're still conscious and able to feel pain, and many are scalded alive in tanks of hot water." This is 100% true. McDonalds has other ways to kill the chickens and they wont change their ways. Its like they want the chickens to suffer. Please sign this petition to get them to change. After you sign, you can go to to order a FREE packet of stickers and leaflets that will help spread the word. Hand them out and boycott McDonalds until they use a less cruel way to slaughter. Also check out for more information on helping animal cruelty. Do the right thing and sign. Please.

Send to at least one friend and ask them to sign. Together we can make a difference.

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