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Bring back Hot Mustard to all restaurants!

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When I was a small child, going to Mcdonalds meant instant excitement.  If mom or dad, grams or gramps said those magic words, "were going to mcdonalds" I was  helpless to stop, I ran around the house like a crazed child. Annoying my parents, asking "when are we going", every two minutes until my Dad finally gave me that look or we finally headed for the car!  Although thats been 30 years for me and maybe more or less for you, ive come to a crossroads with Mcdonalds.  These days I dont eat there nearly as much as I did as a kid nor do I run around the house screaming when my wife asks me to go grab us some food from there either.  My issue with Mcdonalds is one eith the fact that Hot Mustard has now been discontinued from their menu!  Since the beginning of Mcnuggets, Hot Mustard has been around, along with its less delicious siblings Barbecue and Sweet and Sour.  Now Mcdonalds has introduced us to an all new lineup of flavors, but they are taking away the one delicious flavor that could be used not just for McNuggets, but used for fry dipping and topping double cheeseburgers.  Shoot maybe some people drink it, I dont know, it sure is delicious enough to try though.  I am just not sure of the thought process here, please Mcdonalds, bring back Hot Mustard, for crying out loud!  Its not just a dipping sauce, its part of our meal, and alot of us are very upset!  This means more to us than you know, so please sign the petition if you get an extra minute!  Thanks Hot Mustard Lovers Everywhere

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