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McDonald's Anti-Pitbull Advertisement: Pitbulls (And Their Humans) Against Breed Discrimination

The offensive ad can be listened to at this link:

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McDonald's Corporation, 2111 McDonald's Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523 McDonald's
As of February 3, 2012, your company pulled local advertising that portrayed the pit bull breed in a negative light and made an apology via your twitter account, facebook page, and an impersonal voice recording on your corporate phone line . This action has showed many individuals that your company does not care to hear from the consumers that have supported you for years. However, the purpose of this petition is to allow the many voices of those who have no voice to speak out to your company.

This breed, which is already seen as a menacing animal in America, is constantly attacked in the media and now by your company. You are known as a franchising giant that portrays itself as a "family friendly" restaurant that embraces all races and ethnicities. However, your company has shown that you do not embrace every dog breed and perpetuated an unjust stereotype. McDonald's, our animals are also a part of our families. What your advertising execs failed to realize is that when you attack an animal breed that is a part of our families, you are attacking the humans who also care for them.

This docile animal is a completely misunderstood. It isn't the animal that is malicious, but the owners that train their animals to kill that should be held responsible for their actions. As such, you should take full responsibility for the tactless ad and help undo the damage that this ad campaign made by making a generous donation to a pit bull rescue(s). Please do not sweep this issue under the rug as other major food companies have done. Perhaps you will show us the integrity of your brand. We can only hope.

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