Please bring back classic McDonald's and the McDonaldland characters

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Over the past few years, McDonald's has changed their restaurants by making them look less colorful and they have phased out most of its classic McDonaldland characters.  McDonald's now mainly features Ronald McDonald in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, they've retired most characters like Birdie, the Hamburglar and Grimace, and now feature the new character Happy the Happy Meal box in their ongoing commercials.  The Ronald McDonald character benches found near the Playplace playgrounds have all been taken away when McDonald's changed their restaurant designs.  We, the fans, would love to see the return of the classic interior and exterior McDonald's restaurant designs, including the classic red roof designs of the McDonald's buildings and the red and yellow for the restaurants' interiors.  We would also like to see the return of the old red and yellow McDonald's employee uniforms, which have since been replaced with gray uniforms.  We, the fans, would also love to see the company bring back all of the classic McDonaldland characters in the company's commercials and Happy Meal toys for a new generation of children to discover and be entertained by.  We, the fans, would also like to see the return of the classic Ronald McDonald benches found near the children's Playplace playgrounds and the return of the classic McDonaldland cookies sold with the McDonaldland characters on them. Finally, we would like to see the new digital Order And Pay Here screens taken out of the interiors of the restaurants.  Though seemingly designed to make ordering easier, it actually takes longer for people to order their food and ultimately cuts jobs from its restaurants by having employees no longer at cash registers taking customers' orders. McDonald's was best known for being a family restaurant with bright colors and we, the fans, would like to see those aspects brought back.