McDonald's needs a Veggie Burger.

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Adding a veggie burger to the menu could be a huge turnover for the entire world to experience and add the choice for people to at least try the option even if they wouldn't normally.

It would be a healthier option for those in need and you don't have to make a "Mushroom patty". In my experience as a vegetarian having a veggie burger that resembles meat too much can be a bit of a turn off. But also for some it can be comforting. My suggestion is to use a mix of greener vegetables like zucchini, kale, red and green pepper as well as onion and mushroom with that "McDonalds Magic" happening to make it fit the menu.

It would open up the entire sandwich menu to vegetarians also allowing for growth in all areas. Veggie Big Mac, Veggie Value menu burgers and possibly a Veggie Quarter Pounder?