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McDonald's: Bring Back Fried Apple Pies!

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The early 90s were an age of spectacularly bad decisions at McDonald's, all stemming from their plans to be "health conscious". The McLean Deluxe. Chicken Fajitas. McSalad Shakers. And worst of all, changing their sublime apple pies from "fried" to "baked".

McDonald's, we know you're not good for us, and you never will be. You found a way to make kale salad unhealthier than a Big Mac. You managed to cram six days worth of added sugar into your oatmeal. We know you will never succeed here. We don't know what your focus groups are telling you, but laying it straight out here: we love you for your faults. 

There is absolutely no reason that you should keep your crap-ass "baked" apple pies on the menu, when we all know how crazy awesome the fried ones were. I'll personally commit to buying 50 a day if that influences your decision in any way. 

Step up, own what you are, and put the pies back in the fryer. We don't care about fat content. We know you're slowly killing us. We don't care about those sorts of things here in America.


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