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McDonald's: Make a Jim Henson Labyrinth Movie Happy Meal!

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Dear McDonald's: There is a huge mass following of the movie Labyrinth by Jim Henson and it continues to grow stronger each and every day. This movie has been a part of three generations of my family and going to a fourth generation with my kids children. This is a legacy that will not die due to it's hard core fans. Upon celebrating the 30th Anniversary and the passing of our beloved David Bowie who played Jareth in the movie, I think this would be such a novel idea!! McDonald's has done many Happy meals affiliated with movies and I feel it's way past over due for the Labyrinth. Yes, the movie is from 1986 but being 2017 the amount of fans following this movie continues to grow stronger and stronger. Since David Bowie's passing the Labyrinth movie has been re-released in multiple states and countries and today's generation is introducing it to tomorrows generation. Believe you me, you will bring in a mass amount of customers if this happy meal is made. I belong to several Labyrinth groups and the members are in the thousands as of today. Labyrinth fans are flocking to the chance to introduce this movie to their kiddos and what better way then with a Labyrinth Happy meal! I promise you, You won't be disappointed with the outcome. I ask that although this may seem as a less than novel idea, I promise you it is not and hope that you take serious consideration before dismissing the idea. A Labyrinth game was also just released last year and the overwhelming response and orders were insane!! This movie has touched so many people in so many different ways. In Atlanta, Georgia there is an Exhibit in a museum of actual Labyrinth memorabilia from the movie that fans from other states (including) myself are traveling to go and see. This is just a drop in the bucket of what fans are willing to do to keep this movie alive and going for now and the long extended future. I've been watching it since I was a kid and it has had such a tremendous impact on me as a child and as an adult, it has also become a yearly tradition for me and my family to watch it every year. It's 3 generations in one house watching this beautiful, fantastical movie. I would like to have your deep consideration for this Labyrinth Happy Meal. You will contribute to making this movie continue to last a lifetime beyond the already awesome 30 years it has already lasted and you will make thousands of people very happy. *Please note Newt Clements made the image of the Labyrinth Happy Meal design above, that's just another example of how much people love this movie...and want a Happy Meal! Thank you for your time.  - Melissa



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