Bring the McDonalds + Krispy Kreme McKrispy down under

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Kiwis and Aussies love Maccas and they love Krispy Kreme, you’ll often find them going from one to the other for late night burger and donut runs. 

We've had the opportunity to get donut burgers for a little while with Ze Pickle and the Donut Time burger (but who knows if this will last with Donut Time's struggles) but this is the Holy Grail. The most iconic donut brand in the world and the most iconic burger brand in the world, we love our NZ neighbours (even ones who love to pull hurtful April’s Fools jokes) and whenever they invent something great we naturally have to claim it. So one last time in the name of the Australian greats Pavlova, Russel Crowe and Crowded House let’s bring the McKrispy down under!

P.s. It’ll just make all of the money

Inspiration provided by @KingofCheatMeals