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McDonald's: abandon plans to build a massive 24/7 store opposite the kindergarten in Tecoma

McDonald's plans to build a huge 24/7 store and drive-through in our town on the Dandenong ranges -- demolishing local iconic buildings on the site and ensuring it goes directly opposite the kindergarten and school.

For our kids, the nearby national park and our beautiful small-town culture, there could be nothing worse. 

Every day, kids as young as five years old would need to walk past a giant advertisement for junk food just to go to school. This is despite health experts warning of the damaging impact of junk food on young children -- and child obesity spiralling out of control. Perhaps even more worryingly, if it goes ahead here, it could set a dangerous precedent of junk food stores being built next to schools. 

Our community doesn't want that. The plan is opposed by 90% of residents. The application was rejected by council. But instead of respecting our wishes, McDonald's appealed the decision and are using their huge financial and legal power to bully their way into our town. They're now suing locals who are objecting to the building of the store in the Victorian Supreme Court -- and there are accounts of McDonald's private security on the proposed site threatening and intimidating locals who have peacefully protested against the plan.

If McDonald's win this fight, it'll break our hearts. This town, our special part of the world that we think deserves protecting, would be irreversibly changed. That's why we need your help. The only way McDonald's will walk away now is if they see it becoming a huge brand risk for them -- that thousands of consumers will stand with us in opposing their plan.

Please sign my petition and join our community standing up against McDonald's -- and help ensure they abandon plans to build the store opposite our primary school.

It'd be devastating for our beautiful little town and national park. 

You can also leave a message for McDonald's on their Facebook page here 

Letter to
Managing Director/ CEO McDonald's Australia Catriona Noble
VP Corporate Social Responsibility Bob Langert
U.S. Media Relations Director Lisa McComb
and 15 others
Manager, Global External Communications Jon Rump
Manager, Global External Communications Becca Hary
Vice President, Global External Communications Heidi Barker
McDonald's Board of Directors
Victorian Premer Premier Denis Napthine
Victorian Minister for Planning Matthew Guy MP
Victorian Premier Premier Denis Napthine
Shire of Yarra Ranges Council
Group Brand Manager McDonald's Australia Astrid Dare
VP/Chief Financial Officer Marty McLysaght
Director of Corporate Communications, McDonald's Australia Ron Christianson
Media Advisor, McDonald’sAustralia Bronwyn Stubbs
Public Affairs Manager, McDonald's Australia Laura Keith
Proposed Franchisee James Currie
Global Chief Brand Officer Steve Easterbrook
Leave Tecoma and the Dandenong Ranges alone!

Please support our community fight against McDonald's, who have just been granted permission to construct a restaurant in Tecoma by VCAT despite massive community outrage.

Tecoma is a tiny little sleepy town in the Dandenong Ranges alongside Dandenong Ranges National Park that now has the prospect of a 24 hours a day McDonald's.

There were over 1000 objections to this development due to traffic, litter noise and local amenity concerns, however VCAT has overturned unanimous council rejection of the proposal and granted McDonald's permission to ahead with the development. Several beautiful historic buildings (some of the oldest buildings in Tecoma) will be bulldozed to make way for this development. This development will be opposite a local primary school and pre-school.

We support local business, the environment and health and we feel that this development would be inappropriate for our community.

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