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Immigrant children are being illegally detained at Hampton Inn & Suites McAllen, address 10 W Expy 83, McAllen, TX 78501. 

Immigrant children are being unlawfully detained for days to weeks in a facility not owned by the government, being transported in UNMARKED vehicles, DENIED access to telephones, and are being monitored by persons NOT in uniform. These persons, when asked for identification, REFUSED to tell lawyers their identities/authority. 

These UNMARKED vehicles are said to be "contractors who are non-law enforcement staff members trained to work with minors and to ensure that all aspects of the transport or stay are compliant." However, these contractors are NOT said to be licensed child care specialists, nor can it be verified they have received FBI background checks. There is NO VERIFICATION that detained children are SAFE with these contractors.

On July 23, 2020 immigration lawyers with the TEXAS CIVIL RIGHTS PROJECT attempted to contact detainees inside the Hampton hotel, but were VIOLENTLY pushed back into an elevator and were forced to leave the premises. This is a DIRECT VIOLATION of DUE PROCESS rights in which detainees were DENIED contact with immigration lawyers. 

The DHS CRCL is OBLIGATED to acknowledge, review, and INVESTIGATE this human rights complaint under Executive Order 13107. 

We demand to see the immediate fulfillment of DUE PROCESS RIGHTS to these detainees.