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Prevent raising of public transportation and change of schedules

MBTA system is already all screwed up and instead of doing cuts and raising prices they need to fix their schedules (like #66 coming 3 buses at a time with a 40-60 min gap, or 57 for the same matter)
Fare prices are Already over priced compare to other cities!
And if they cut down the amount of buses it will create even more anxiety from people who live in Boston and use public transportation. And knowing how late buses Already come, shortage of them will increase the gaps between them! This can't be happening, especially during winter!
I say NO to increase of MBTA fares, change of schedule for Commuter rail and the T, as well as cutting down the amount of working buses (which will most likely lead to a great amount of jobs being lost!)

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  • MBTA fares could rise by 43% ferry, bus, c.rail cuts, schedule change

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