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Save hank from being euthanized by moreton bay regional council


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Our letter to council
We are requesting the immediate release of hank to the owners who have a council approved yard for DD. We are requesting his release to the owners after a 3rd party professional dog temperament test. until now owners have been ignored by council. Hank is not getting the care he needs or deserves in moreton bay council. Or the RSPCA dakabin who are in charge of his care. Moreton bays animal management system is a joke. and needs an external audit. Upgraded policies. and to be there for there local people whom they work for. 

Hank was seized by the Moreton Bay Regional Council seven months after an injury to a child at a private residence that all witnesses agreed was an accident.


Hank remains in a cell where he can barely turn around in, is wet all day and receives no sunshine. He has not been taken out for exercise. At times his owners are refused entry to visit him. He has contracted Kennel Cough, has infection in his paws and skin irritations.

According to written correspondence I have received from the Moreton Bay Regional Council, his care is the responsibility of the RSPCA who they say run the pound. This was a well dog in a very good condition on entry to the pound.

Hank was seized by the Moreton Bay Regional Council five weeks ago, seven months after an injury to a child at a private residents that all witnesses agreed was an accident including The mother of the child who continued to allow the child to frequent the house in which the dog lived

The child required surgery and stitches.

Three weeks later the council received a complaint and the dog was declared dangerous , despite the owners being refused to view the evidence and the reports that council used to make this decision in order for them to make a properly made submission, the dog owners did the best they could with lack of information. Where is the rule of law. Council is not excused from the lawful process.

Hank was declared dangerous and on two occasions the council approved Hanks living arrangements at his place of residents and the owners complied with the conditions of DD.

Now this is where it gets bizarre . The council in a written submission to the dog owners seven months later make an admission that they made a mistake and the council have reviewed their own decision and out of the blue seized Hank and issued a destruction order.

Council has decided to start the whole process all over again. No dog will be safe from this sort of bloody mindedness.

This was done in another case in Qld and the council sort to start the process all over again but it had to be abandoned before the council made a complete fool of their animal management department. unless this was at a unreasonable time this was not allowed

The owners have been refused access last week to see there dog 
local council law
34 Access to impounded animal
(1) This section applies to an animal impounded under section 24.
(2) The local government must allow the owner of the animal to inspect it at any
reasonable time, from time to time.
(3) Subsection (2) does not apply if it is impracticable or would be unreasonable to
allow the inspection.
(4) The inspection must be provided free of charge.

Rspca and council are both breaking state law.
by state law under the duty of care 2001 act rspca and local councils have
an obligation to exercise closely confined dogs
a closely confined dog counts as a cage crate enclosure or many dogs in one room.

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    James Houghton
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    koliana winchester
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    denise sims
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    mick gillam
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    mike charlton
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    matthew constance
  • Councillor Division 11
    darren grimwade
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    brooke savage

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