Help Us Save Nepal's Last "Dancing Bear"

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A few months ago, news broke that Nepal’s last two "dancing bears" had been seized from a brutal life of performing on the streets. Although getting these bears off the streets was a victory, it wasn't nearly enough. Because Nepal's government hasn't given the necessary provisions to transfer the bears to Wildlife SOS, an organization that is expert in rehabilitating and treating "dancing bears, one of the bears has died. The Indian government had already approved the repatriation of these bears, but the final permission to move them across the border into Nepal has been stuck. The bear's death was completely avoidable. It is imperative that the remaining sloth bear be transferred to our Agra Bear Rescue Facility before he too perishes

The term "dancing bear" is a true misnomer. These bears are not dancing; they are in fact responding to pain being inflicted upon them by their owners, usually through a coarse rope run crudely through their muzzle after it's been pierced. "Dancing bears" usually have had their teeth smashed out and are malnourished as well. These bears have been psychologically traumatized, and have no understanding of how to even act like a bear — including what foods to eat, how to climb a tree, even how to interact with other bears.

We've rescued nearly 630 dancing bears over the years, so we know what they need psychologically, emotionally, and physically. In fact, Wildlife SOS, with the help of our supporters, eradicated the "dancing bear" practice in India in 2009 when we rescued Raju (pictured in the photo). Raju was India's very last dancing bear. He is still in our care.

Now we want to ensure that the last dancing bear in Nepal has the same opportunity to enjoy a long life under our care. Help us bring him someplace he can get state-of-the-art medical attention, where he can have some space to roam, where he can share the company of other bears and get the love that he deserves. Help us give Nepal's last "dancing bear" the chance to actually be a bear.


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