End Police Brutality and Racism in the Quad Cities

End Police Brutality and Racism in the Quad Cities

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Police in the Quad Cities area - to include Davenport, IA, Bettedorf, IA Rock Island, IL, Moline, IL, East Moline, IL – engage in brutality and racism towards the communities that they are supposed to be protecting and serving. This needs to stop, and by speaking up we can make it stop.

Police in the Quad Cities racially profile, harass, and wrongfully arrest innocent people. Police in the Quad Cities engage in excessive force, brutality, and falsification of evidence. The police chiefs, mayors, and other elected officials in the Quad Cities have failed to fire police officers even when the courts have found the police officers engaged in wrongful violent conduct. The links shown at the bottom of this Petition provide examples and statistical information, proving each of those points.

Although police brutality and racism disproportionately affects people of color, the police in the Quad Cities have mistreated people of every race. None of us is safe from abuse at the hands of the police until we all work together to solve this problem.

This Petition will be sent to the elected officials, police chiefs, sheriffs, and other people whose job it is to supervise the police. By informing these decision makers of our real concern here, we will drive changes in policies so as to fix the problems of police brutality and racism.

In particular, we demand the following:

1. Require the use of squad car and body camera video and audio for all interactions between the police and the public, with the recordings retained for either 30 days or the conclusion of any related court cases, whichever is longer.

2. The mandatory termination of any police officer who has been found by a court to have engaged in brutality, racism, or falsification of evidence.

3. The creation of independent citizen oversight boards to review allegations of police misconduct, as it is illogical and unjust to have the police in charge of investigating themselves.

4. The publication of detailed information regarding every current and former police officer who was found to have engaged in brutality, racism, or falsification of evidence in the performance of their police duties.

5. Police chiefs, sheriffs, and elected officials meet in good faith with local civil rights groups to have a dialogue and find ways to solve the above-discussed problems.

Finally, below are some links that provide information about the very real problems of police brutality and racism in general and the Quad Cities in particular, to include news articles about actual instances of police brutality in our community: