Keeping Nunavut safe from COVID19

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We, the under sign, hereby express our great disappointment of the decision made by the Minister of Education with the Nunavut Government. The decision was made known to the public during an appearance at the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut, date April 9th, 2020.

The decision to call back the teachers who have been outside of the Territory when the borders of Nunavut were closed due to the COVID 19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Nunavut is the only jurisdiction in the country without a confirmed it presumed case. The Government of Nunavut has taken extensive measures to keep the deadly virus outside of Nunavut.

The residents of Nunavut are lucky for not having had the virus arrive. If the virus arrives it will have devastating impact on the residents. The living conditions are not adequate, there is over crowdedness,  TB rates are higher than the national average, respiratory illness are rampant, poor housing conditions is a bad combination for any viruses, and there are many more issues.

Nunavut has a very limited health care system, if  the COVID 19 were to arrive the health care workers, nurses, doctors and the essential worker will be overwhelmed immediately, the healthcare at the moment has already reached its capacity years ago before the Pandemic began. There are 25 communities and only 2 airlines, it will get very difficult to control the spread of the virus.

We the undersign request and demand that the decision to return the 85 teachers be rescinded and cancel their return until the COVID 19 Pandemic has completed. We urge you to keep your leadership that you have been given by the resident of Nunavut and continue to keep the COVID19 outside of Nunavut.