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Petitioning Mayor Webb Melder and 2 others

Mayor Webb Melder and City Council members of Conroe, TX, Judge J.D. Lambright, Judge Matt Masden: Stop the ordered execution of Gus

Gus has had a rough life and like any dog only wanted a safe home to call his own. That was going to finally happen for this sweet Staffordshire terrier after he was rescued by Maggie's House rescue until the unthinkable happened. Now Gus is facing euthanasia in Montgomery County Texas

He was placed by Maggies House Rescue in a boarding facility, Dog's by Nature LLC, where he was forced into his kennel which he is afraid of.

Because of being forced roughly into the crate his foot became caught he could not get it released and panicked. When Amber Rickles, owner and operator of Dog's by Nature LLC tried to release his foot, Gus reacted in fear and bit her pretty severely.

Amber and others responded by kicking, tazering and punching him. Gus was subsequently deemed dangerous and ordered to be executed by Judge Matt Madsen.

Please contact the City Council members of Conroe, TX and respectfully request that the order to execute Gus be vacated.  Please follow the link and you will be able to find the area to email or contact by phone the City Council members and Mayor. Let your voices be heard, we are all Gus has.  

Letter to
Mayor Webb Melder
City Council members of Conroe, TX
Municipal Courts Judge J.D. Lambright, Judge Matt Masden
Stop the ordered execution of Gus:

This letter is in reference to a case involving a dog named Gus who was rescued by Jenny Romano of Maggie's House rescue. Gus was deemed vicious and ordered to be "humanely euthanized." by Judge Matt Masden.
Gus was a victim of circumstances beyond his control and information that has been gathered shows Gus was reacting out of pure fear and not aggression. Gus does not deserve to die because he reacted to the situation he was placed into by a "professional" dog handler, who has provided no qualifications to deal with fearful animals. Spare Gus's life so he may be able to finally have a home and family he so deserves.

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