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Recently, the City of Miramar "leadership" implemented (without notice) Furloughs to the entire City of Miramar staff, except themselves. As a matter of fact, the Commission voted to give themselves a $10,000 raise, $650/month to pay for their vehicles and they EACH have events budgets near $80,000 a piece. Not to mention, each Commissioner has an aide who's salary is up to $83,000. The city is crying poor, but they recently spent close to $4,000,000 for police body cameras that weren't necessary. The furloughs include a 20% pay reduction by reducing the weekly hours worked by 8 hours per week, per employee. This action has led to a large amount of public outcry and support for the employees by the citizens of Miramar who think this is undue. The citizens of Miramar DO NOT support this action because they know it will compromise their safety by reducing the presence of First Responders by at least 20%. They also support the employees of Miramar and do not want to have ANY of their services reduced because employees are not allowed to work. There has been years of fiscal mismanagement that the Commission is now trying to balance on the backs of it's employees and it's UNACCEPTABLE! We cannot let this happen to the employees or residents of Miramar and the surrounding cities who will also feel the impact.

In addition, this is happening to police officers who are on the list of the lowest paid officers in their county and have been for years due to 3 years of salary freezes not even accounting for cost of living increases. Now, they finally account for cost of living increases and get furloughed. The Police Department has been operating at minimum staffing for years now due to low pay and a high turnover rate of officers leaving to other agencies. Most recently, and prior to COVID, the PD lost close to 10 officers to nearby agencies. That will multiply now due to the Commission's decision to Furlough. First responders in Miramar love their city and it’s residents, they are proud to serve. Some of the PD and FD employees have close to 30 years of service at Miramar and they have weathered many storms with things like this. But when the poop hits the fan they have never failed to come thru for those whom they serve. They risk their lives daily for most of you who they’ve never met and may never meet, and they do it without hesitation. They’ll do it for 20% less pay if they’re ordered to, but it will be the residents who suffer when the PD or FD says they cannot go immediately to look for your missing child or take an extra 10 minutes to begin CPR on your spouse who never woke up.

The reality is they can only be in one place at one time and with 20% less staff that means less people and vehicles to respond. Your first responders are counting on your support to fix what’s wrong so they have the proper staffing and equipment to serve you to the highest degree they can. Don’t let Mayor Messam’s speech fool you into believing there won’t be a reduction in service, because there most certainly will! In fact, a Pembroke Pines Commissioner  (Jay Schwartz) has already looked into reviewing the Mutual Aid Agreement to make sure Pembroke Pines Public Safety isn't abused by being requested to respond to Miramar and pick up the slack when Miramar Police and Fire services are tied up and unavailable to assist the Miramar citizens. We can let Miramar's Commission know that this decision was very poorly created and they need to find another way to balance their budget besides cutting wages and services of employees thru Hurricane Season and the holidays. 

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