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We need food truck regulations that work!

An unpublished draft of new DC food truck regulations has been sitting on Mayor Vincent Gray’s desk for over three months. While the regulations languish, the Restaurant Association and other anti-food truck groups are lobbying the Mayor to make food trucks illegal.

Food trucks not only create new economic opportunities for folks in the food industry, they diversify Washington, D.C.'s culinary scene. Plus, food trucks often serve up local, sustainable fare. We need regulations that protect food trucks in the city.

The longer Mayor Gray withholds action, the more likely it becomes that we will remain stuck with outdated regulations that were written more than 30 years ago. These outdated regulations leave the food trucks open to harassment and severely restrict their ability to operate.

It’s time for Mayor Gray to release the regulations, open them up for public comment, and start the process to make DC a friendly city for food trucks.

Letter to
Mayor of Washington, D.C. MAyor Vincent Gray
Executive Office of the Mayor Francisco Fimbres
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Mayor Vincent Gray.

Protect D.C.'s Food Trucks!

Dear Mayor Gray,

As a fan of the DC Food trucks, I would like to say that it’s time to start moving on the new vending regulations for the District.

Your office has had the regulations under legal review for a number of months and it’s time to release them. This is a very important issue to me and many others in the city.

The sooner you release the regulations, the better. Food trucks should not be facing harassment because of outdated and unclear regulations.

The time is now. Please release the regulations.


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