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Investigate LAPD use of force on Angelenos at Art Walk on 7/12/12

On July 12, 2012 LAPD used excessive force on the citizens of Los Angeles creating an unsafe environment and violating the civil rights of the citizens they are sworn to protect resulting in a tactical alert being issued for the downtown area. LAPD has for weeks been arresting individuals for using chalk on public sidewalks in violation of settle law. MACKINNEY v. NIELSEN No. 94-15438
We encourage all citizens who were endangered, injured, suffered property damage, or were arrested to file a formal complaint with the LAPD at:
On July 12, 2012 LAPD made at least seven more such arrests before deploying at least an additional 140 officers in riot gear in the downtown area further escalating tensions with the citizens enjoying LA's monthly Art Walk. Commanders on the ground then ordered officers to fire on citizens with rubber bullets, bean bags, and tear gas without warning and without issuing orders to disperse or declaring an unlawful assembly causing injury to many Angelenos. Eventually arresting 20 in a situation the commanders on the ground they created.
The LAPD has violated the civil rights of its citizens and put lives and property in jeopardy. We call for an independent investigation in to LAPD's actions the night of July 12,2012. LAPD escalated a peaceful event jeopardizing lives and property. That LAPD did not follow their own policy on use of force. LAPD had no grounds for their actions. 
LAPD cannot be allowed to violate the civil rights of the citizens they are sworn to protect when it suits them and commanders on the ground cannot be allowed to antagonize citizens through civil right violations threatening public safety and private property not to mention the great cost in taxpayer money to mount such a large police action due the great childhood pastime of using chalk on public space.


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