COVID19 Justice calls for immediate resignation of Mayor Victorino

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Today our Mayor made an ill-conceived decision to enact martial law over citizens of Maui, and in the process put thousands of our population at risk of contracting COVID-19.  During a massive road check that involved thousands of commuters, Army National Guard and police personnel pulled law-abiding citizens over and asked privacy-invading questions while coming within inches of driver‘s faces. They were not wearing N95 masks—the only type medically capable of stopping transmission from person to person. In addition, they directly handled identification with the same gloves as used with other vehicle stops, peered inside private vehicles, and potentially exposed thousands to the virus in the process. While non-protective cloth masks and gloves were used, the only masks capable of preventing the spread of the virus (N95s) were not used; and there was not a change of gloves or sterilization practice between vehicle encounters.

The successful social distancing measures currently in place with the community were totally undermined by this roadside operation. Contact tracing is now rendered virtually impossible. This is not only shortsighted and bad leadership, it is dangerous leadership that has unnecessarily exposed residents who would otherwise have been safe. These are the same dangerous and lackadaisical behaviors that have led to the major cluster outbreak at Maui Memorial Hospital. This operation not only undermined precious civil liberties and constitutional rights, but put the law-abiding residents of Maui at undue risk of contracting the disease. We deserve better from our public offices who have made enormous blunders in this decision and remain silent about where the real risks are coming from. All new cases continue to come from the hospital and likely now from these road checks. The people of Maui, call for the swift resignation of Mayor Victorino.