Justice for Ossining Dog Chained for Over 6 YEARS! HELP Pass Stronger Tether Law!

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"We discovered a wonderful dog who has been chained for six years outside in the Village of Ossining,". "The owner refuses to take dog inside. We have video and documentation of dog left out abandoned in 20-degree temperatures, no food, no water. Nobody home."

Ossining Trustees, passed a weak law that would set restrictions on how long a pet can be left tied up or unattended. The law allows the dog to be left outside for up to 12 hours per day without any supervision. The new law does not define extreme temperatures or weather conditions therefore putting the dog in danger during those conditions. 

The Cat Squad Rescue Group LLC has submitted a Tether law on January 3rd 2018 to the Mayor. The Law submitted asked for: 

--- The animal is not tethered for more than 2 hours in a continuous 12 hour period

-- The responsible party is physically present on the premises while the animal is tethered

-- The animal is not outside during inclement weather 32 degrees and under and above 80 degrees.

They asked that the New Tether Law be amended and made stronger based on what they submitted. To date the have had no cooperation from the Mayor and Trusties. 

This is animal cruelty and this law clearly only protects the dog owner and not the DOG. Please stand with us and help save this dog from suffering any longer. Please sign this petition in order to be the voice of this wonderful chained dog! 


Mayor Victoria Gearity:

(914) 941-3554