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Many dogs and cats are being labelled by council or euthanised when they friendly to other animals, children, people but they may attempt to run after, catch or play with a chicken resulting in injury or death. 

A dog or cats main diet is made up of chicken or flavoured with chicken. we all eat chicken however when a dog or cat tries to catch or let’s say bite (our dogs and cats do not have hands like us) which will result in harming or killing a chicken due to their teeth. Our pets are then being euthanised or labelled by our council offices. This costs their owners more money for registration, they have to sign their property, the dog no longer can walk in areas it once did with other dogs (which they love and are friendly), their dog has to wear a yellow tag or worse, an owner loses a member of their family and your dog is euthanised because of the incident with the chicken. There are many dogs who are friendly, loving, peaceful and gentle in every way however will try catch a chicken. If chickens were caged correctly a dog would not be able to get to them however so many leave them running on their property open to cats, dogs and foxes and then cry when a chicken is injured or dies from a fox, cat or dog. 

Chickens are classed as pets and our true pets are dying or being labelled if they try catch, hurt or kill a chicken. I’m sorry but this is not right for dogs and cats who are friendly but have never encountered a chicken. If we made to euthanise our pets over a chicken then I advise that our council offices should be lining up over 90% of the public who eat chicken to be euthanised. Why do we have double standards? 

I am a big animal lover so forgive my next question but it is only to show the point I am trying to make. Why are we not allowed to eat a dog or cat? They a pet and it wouldn’t be right. Why are we eating chicken in our diet if they pets then?  Why are our pets being euthanised when they not even doing what we do by keeping chickens in cages for months and then decapitating them and removing their feathers to eat them and then give them to our children, pets and guests and enjoying their eggs when we all have bacon and egg for breakfast. Our dogs and cats are not eating them like us, they only catching them like a toy and then being euthanised or labelled for it. This is not right nor fair!  If this is a problem to council and so many, why are we selling chicken in shops and making it a main part of our dogs diet?  If we want our dogs to love chickens as so many love other dogs, cats, horses, children, adults etc we should stop making it part of their and our diet. We however can change what council are doing and simply understand when a dog makes a mistake, let the owner of the dog cover the cost to replace the chickens and stop euthanising or labelling our pets. 

Please sign this petition if you want to protect our true pets who are friendly however may catch, hurt or kill a chicken in their lifetime. Not all dogs and cats grow up with chickens so stop killing or labelling our true pets over a chicken. 

I understand chickens are kept and loved by many for their egg laying but if a pet happens to injure or kill a chicken, let’s stop our true pets being labelled or euthanised. Does a chicken come cuddle up to you when you watching TV? No!, Does a chicken protect you with it’s life if someone tried to murder you? No!, does a chicken get toilet trained and live inside with you? No! Why then are we killing and labelling  those friendly, kind, loving pets because of chickens? 

Lets stop what is wrong, stand together and fight for every pet out there. Let’s stop killing innocent pets who may do what we ourselves do but without the months of torture in a cage prior.