Petition to stop quarrying on the mountains of Rodriguez, Rizal

Petition to stop quarrying on the mountains of Rodriguez, Rizal

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Ruchko Bernabe started this petition to Departmen of Evironment and Natural Resources and

Majority of the gravel and construction materials that are used for different projects are coming from the mountains of Rodriguez, Rizal. Natural resources are needed to sustain life and develop our country, the Philippines, but the situation in Rodriguez is different. Over-quarrying is taking place in the province to the point that landslides may occur and different animals lose their habitats. Mountains before are now life-less plains that contribute to global warming and pollution.

The mining and quarrying operations was stopped after the typhoon Ondoy last 2009. After the suspension was filed Mines and Geosciences Board (MGB) submitted a report stating that almost 80% of 180 hectares of land being quarried were permitted by the government. (Manila Bulletin). According to a study conducted by the Faculty of Roosevelt College Marikina, 76% of their respondents from the agricultural sector complained about the negative effects of quarrying and mining like dust and pollution.

Aside from dust and pollution other negative effects of quarrying and mining are:

  1. Deforestation - before a company can mine or quarry, the quarrying site should be cleared from any obstruction such as trees. This will result to deforestation.
  2. Destruction of Sierra Madre Mountain Range - since the quarrying sites located in Rodriguez, Rizal is a part of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, quarrying  may damage the mountain range.
  3. Occurrence of landslides - since there will be no trees that will hold the soil due to the quarrying operations, landslides may occur affecting the residents living near the quarrying sites.
  4. Global Warming - trees are the number one protection against heat but if quarrying will continue, deforestation may continue and it may result to global warming.
  5. Other Natural Disasters - natural disasters may hit our country anytime. If these operations continue, the effects of different natural disasters may worsen.

If Mining and Quarrying Operations will be stopped, drastic changes will be seen such as:

  1. The restoration of the natural beauty of the mountains - this may increase the municipality's tourism.
  2. Decreased effects of Natural disasters - since trees will grow back through reforestation, landslides may lessen and it may help aid global warming.
  3. Decreased Air Pollution - Rodriguez, Rizal is a dusty place. These dusts are hindrance a hindrance to its potential beauty. 
  4. Decreased Water pollution -  some of the quarrying sites are located near the rivers or lakes. If quarrying will stop, it will develop a cleaner water source for the people.

What are the possible steps for us to be able to substitute or at least have a control over the problem?

  • We should import gravel instead of mining it in our place. It may cost a lot of money but investing a large sum for imported gravel may bring more positive effects in our country. But if there is an insufficient resources to acquire imported gravel we can:
  • At least regulate the place to be mined. The local government can still issue permits but they should only let the companies mine certain amount of resources. After each operations, the companies should replant trees in the site. 
  • Other substitutes can be used such as hollow blocks with mixed plastics.In that way, we don't just lessen gravel consumption, we also recycled plastics. Plastic bottles stuffed with plastics strips can be also used as substitute to hollow blocks.

Quarrying and Mining brings a lot of resources to us, but anything that is too much is bad. Philippines is well known for its natural beauty and quarrying may destroy it.  The main effect of Quarrying is pollution and this may be felt not only here in the Philippines but also around the globe. If quarrying will continue, it may result in to a more disastrous effect that will be felt not only by us, humans, but also our co-inhabitants here on Earth. We should always know our limits. We should know when to start and stop.When will we stop our bad ways? When will true change Start? The only one that could answer that question is you. True change starts within you.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!