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Demand Milwaukee Officials Do Something To Stop Car Thefts And Other Youth Crime NOW!!

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A report released in 2016 showed a 400% increase in auto thefts since 2010. FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT. Check out any East Side or Riverwest neighborhood Facebook page and you'll see it riddled with reports of neighbors having their cars stolen. Check out the police reports and they read like something out of Grand Theft Auto. It has become a game for some of the youth of Milwaukee and it needs to stop NOW. 

These car thefts are so much more than car thefts - something you're keenly aware of if you live in the city. These kids are not only stealing cars in broad daylight, they're often (thanks to tougher security on newer cars) doing it by force while the driver is still in the car.

And if that wasn't enough, these same criminals are breaking into parked vehicles nightly, vandalizing vehicles, breaking into homes, lighting trash cans on fire, and roaming around in groups mugging people - often times violently. Property means nothing to them. Human life means nothing to them.

This is a very real problem. Yet, no one is doing anything about it. No one is even talking about it. Why?! Because they're too busy worrying about bringing businesses to the new sports complex, all the condo developments, etc? Because they don't have a solution? Because no one wants to admit that they've failed this city?

Stop letting them pretend this issue doesn't exist. Sign this petition and let our city officials know that WE. HAVE. HAD. ENOUGH. Let them know that they MUST do their jobs and do something about this epidemic! Do NOT let these criminals ruin this city that we love! 

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