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                             MAKE FOREST PARK SAFE AGAIN!

                           Uphold The Law and Environmental Code

                         Say "NO" to High-Speed Single-track Cycling

                            on Pedestrian-only Trails in Forest Park

  •  90% of the half-million annual visitors to Forest Park are pedestrians. 
  • Visitors represent all racial/ethnic, socio-economic, and age groups and come from all over.   They include seniors, families, and up to 100,000 visits by children who walk in the park each year.
  • Currently, Forest Park trails are starting to get less safe due to increasing illegal cycling on pedestrian-only trails.  This threatens the well-being of park users and the ecological health of the park itself.
  • The Forest Park Natural Resources Management Plan clearly states that single-track cycling is not an allowed use in Forest Park for safety reasons, and has a detrimental impact to wildlife and habitat.


We petition City Government to follow the Management Plan, Ordinance 168509 and Environmental Zone Code 33.430.030.

  • We ask the City to implement the Plan’s high priority recommendations to preserve and restore habitat, and that the City take measures to keep pedestrians safe
  • We ask the City to direct the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability to protect the Park from further single-track cycling, and cease its current efforts towards recommending a process to change the law to allow single-track cycling on the already narrow pedestrian trails in Forest Park.  A change of that sort will put all users at greater risk for injury.
  • We ask the City to continue to allow cycling on the 33% of designated trails in Forest Park that already meet the legal standard of 8 feet wide, hard surface, and good line of sight — provided that this user group (who make up only 8% of the Park visitors) follows trail etiquette and obeys the law.
  • In the interest of safety, we ask the City make it a priority to fund and to provide enforcement of trail regulations, as specified in the Forest Park Management Plan, but which is not currently being done.