Peacefully replace Calhoun Monument & rename Calhoun Street

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EDIT on 6/4 2pm:
1. Before reading, please know that this is not a high priority on the agenda of change right now. Don't let it distract you from much bigger changes like reinvestment of funds, policy changes, etc. This also does not bring justice to anyone. That said, however small it may be, this is still a positive change. Hopefully it can be accomplished swiftly. 
2. Any decisions regarding the new names/structures should be made by members of the local black community of Charleston.
3. The statue is on private property leased as a public park. The property is jointly owned by the Washington Light Infantry and Sumter Guards. We have not found their email addresses, so we do not know if they have seen this petition. WLI's building is on the corner of George St. and Meeting St. and number is (843) 722-1807; SG is in North Charleston and number is (843) 747-5336.
4. The other similar statues etc. around the city should also be removed.


Dear Washington Light Infantry, Sumter Guards, Charleston City Council, Mayor Tecklenburg, and Else Whom this Concerns:
By way of this letter, we request that the John C. Calhoun Monument be taken down and Calhoun Street renamed. Perhaps the statue could be destroyed, melted and made into something new, or placed in a museum like the upcoming International African American Museum. It is time for change. History is important to remember, but not all history should be celebrated. In fact, some history is shameful and should only be remembered so we never repeat it. We are not proud of Charleston’s role in slavery. We do not feel that a statue of Calhoun, an adamant pro-slaver, represents the beliefs and ideology of Charleston today. We have felt this way for a long time, and the current national climate has inspired us to take action. We are asking that we take it down together – a handful of citizens, police officers, and city councilmembers – and invite a virtual celebration for everyone in their homes to mark the milestone that it represents:  another step toward a more equal, compassionate, and stronger society.
In Calhoun’s place, we hope for a new monument that honors the thousands of men and women who were brought to America by the slave trade and the millions who were enslaved thereafter. We find this particularly fitting for the city that served as a port for more Africans than any other in the country. The American history of slavery begins in Charleston. Are we ashamed of this history? Deeply. But are we ashamed to be Charlestonians today? No. We are proud. Because we are confident that we have come a long way since then and will only continue to grow together. We are Charleston Strong. Thank you for your consideration.
Citizens of Charleston and others who care

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