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Ithaca Officials: Do not allow the wonderful character of Fall Creek to be devastated for one person's profit.

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Fall Creek is such a great place to live! It’s friendly, convenient, relatively affordable, and it has a look and feel that realtors love. It projects a settled, older feel while still remaining hip. Unfortunately, zoning regulations mean that a well-heeled developer with an eye toward maximizing profit can completely transform your favorite street for considerable financial gain to your profound detriment. Ron Ronsvalle of Heritage Park Townhouses, Inc. has already realized just such a project on East Lincoln Street, with two towering, uncharacteristic buildings and an accompanying increase in traffic congestion on the street.


Mr. Ronsvalle has now set his sights on his property at 128 West Falls Street, which currently consists of a single-story house on 0.375 acres. Here is what he is proposing to do:

  • Subdivide into 3 lots
  • Construct 3 “two-family” buildings, adding 6 units to a block that currently has only 12 single-family homes
  • Add 16 bedrooms to this block that currently has approximately 22
  • Build to almost 30 feet tall, blocking light for the one-story home next door


Mr. Ronsvalle needs a variance—an exception to the current zoning laws—so that he can subdivide the lot. This variance would not be in the best interest of the public, but solely for the financial gain of one individual! Mr. Ronsvalle’s representative publicly stated his motivation—that of subdividing to avoid financing restrictions and to enable an easier future sale. Why should an exception to the law be granted so that a businessperson can profit? Should the city give preferential treatment to developers?


Our concerns are many, but here are just a few: 1) Loss of neighborhood character, 2) Traffic and parking complications, 3) Flooding and other environmental impacts


We do not oppose development in Fall Creek, but we wish it to be affected in a thoughtful and proportionate manner, not in the form of massive structures that destroy the character of our neighborhood. Mr. Ronsvalle’s intent is to maximize his investment, not to live on the property, and therefore he cannot be motivated by the same concerns for Fall Creek’s character that we share.


So we ask you: Do you want the developer-driven hyper-density trend to continue in Fall Creek? Do you want to live in the shadow of a massive multi-family building? Do you want increased traffic and parking problems? If you answered NO to any of these questions, then please sign this petition! Let's tell the leaders of Ithaca that these issues are important to us. We want to know what they are doing to help the Fall Creek tax-paying residents (and voters).

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