Charge and Suspend the Collingwood Officer who brutally killed an innocent dog

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Charge and Suspend the Collingwood Officer who brutally killed an innocent dog

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Collingwood Animal Advocate Group started this petition to Mayor Sandra Cooper and

On October 19, 2015 a 21 year old, blind and deaf elderly dog had her life ended in a unforgivable manner.  A Collingwood OPP officer was caught on video running over the dog multiple times with a police cruiser and then shooting her.  This was someone's best friend, companion, and was loved unconditionally.  The owner watched a video of his loyal little girl having her life be ended.  This is no way to treat our furry friends.  The Collingwood Animal Rights Advocate Group is deeply saddened to see the choice of action taken out on the dog, which was originally reported as a coyote.

The officer responsible has not been relieved of duty.  There is no reason that any animal should die this way. How could a 21 year old, blind, deaf elderly dog pose a danger to the community.  This is animal cruelty and the Collingwood OPP Officer needs to be held accountable for his/her actions.

Our goal is to promote an educated management and coexistence plan between people and wildlife in Collingwood, Ontario and the surrounding area.  Our basic principles are as follows:

 1. Human safety is a priority in managing human-coyote/wildlife/domestic animal interactions.

2. Coyotes/wildlife serve an important role in ecosystems by helping to control the population of rodents, Canada geese, rabbits and other urban mammals.

3. Preventive practices such as reduction and removal of food attractants, habitat modification and responding appropriately when interacting with wildlife are key to minimizing potential interactions with coyotes/wildlife.

4. Solutions for coyote/wildlife conflicts must address both problematic coyote/wildlife behaviors (such as aggression towards people and attacks on pets) and the problematic human behaviors (intentionally or unintentionally feeding coyotes and letting pets outside unattended) that contribute to conflicts.

5. Non-selective coyote/wildlife removal programs are ineffective for reducing coyote population sizes or preventing human-coyote/wildlife conflicts.

6. A community-wide program that involves residents is necessary to achieve coexistence among people, coyotes and domestic animals.

 Positive change for the benefit of both human and wildlife cohabitation are needed.  The current method that is being used for coyote control by the Collingwood OPP is not only inhumane, it is not conducive to maintaining the balance of natural animal population control.

 We are requesting legal action be taken against the Collingwood officer who committed this act of animal cruelty.  Moreover, we call for the establishment of a wildlife management and coexistence committee consisting of local residents and local authorities.  The committee would address specific procedures for dealing with wildlife management for the Town of Collingwood and the surrounding area.


"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."



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This petition had 21,729 supporters

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