Medford Schools should have a choice!

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Medford Schools should have a choice!

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Families of Medford started this petition to Mayor, Superintendent, School Committee

We have decided to put this petition together as we want to be proactive in this and get ahead before the children go back to school.

I have spoke to many regarding this. The governor of MA himself finds the mask mandate unnecessary, due to 73% of MA being vaccinated. MA is the highest vaccinated state. DESE also stated they will leave it up to the individual school districts to make the decision.

I feel safe putting this together due to the number of vaccinations that have been administered. The breakthrough cases in MA are incredibly low, those hospitalized or passed away are even lower. "Deaths are very uncommon" per Todd Ellerin director of infectious disease at South Shore Health. 73% of deaths have had underlining conditions here in MA. Not 1 child in MA has passed away due to this terrible disease.

Studies have also shown a extremely low transmission rate of the virus among elementary and HS children.

Just a few items to show the severity of wearing one during a school day.

Exhaled air goes into the eyes which generated children to touch by impulse. If your hands are contaminated you are infecting yourself.

Studies have shown a 2% decrease in breathing while wearing a mask in 5 children.

If you are in fact infected breathing back into the mask the viral load increases.

Significant difference in body temperature.

Humidity in skin causing dermatitis, breeding bacteria.

Those wearing glasses may cause glasses to fog up causing accidents.

Blocking emotional signals between teacher and student.

Causing headaches and shortness of breath.

To name a few and why, us, parents feel masks should be optional. There are many children who cannot wear them also, our Autistic children in this community and children with disabilities have sensory issues. My child is one of them. These children should not feel as if they are doing something wrong or be punished for not being able to do so. Some children have suffered through severe bullying over this  due to not be able to wear one and that is unacceptable.

We feel with the testing taking place in our schools there is no reason this should not be accepted.

Again, this is NOT a petition to say if they should or should not. This is a petition for the families who feel it should be a CHOICE made by the parent/guardian of the child or children attending school.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!