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Change the Street Lights in Baltimore City BACK TO YELLOW LIGHTS!

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Remember growing up in Baltimore City, you probably played outside with your friends until those bright yellow street lights (carbon lights) came on? If you were lucky, you could play just a little bit longer because your parents could clearly see your whereabouts, the company you kept, and anyone who stepped foot onto your neighborhood block. But if you were to look outside today at children playing after dark you would notice that you only see shadows. Not too long ago, the city replaced SOME of those old school  carbon lights "yellow lights" in certain areas with the white "LED" lights instead.

Since the white "LED" lights have been up, you can hardly see anyone's face because the lights create a low visibility and seem to signify/highlight high crime areas in certain parts of the city. Take for example, Linwood Avenue, it stretches from Canton to Bocek Park located in the North East Baltimore region. As you ride up from Canton, you can see those old school  carbon "Yellow Lights" that emit light onto entire blocks all the way up to "Patterson Park" but once you arrive in "Highland Town" those lights become the type of white spot lights that resemble the type that you would see on helicopters. Along that ride, you will notice the demographic shift within this racially divided city. Is it a coincidence that people in a higher tax bracket can keep their old school carbon "Yellow Lights?" If you look at many low income communities they all have the same type of white"LED" lighting, until you get to a main street that is a gateway for all to commute in and out of the city, just like Madison Avenue which stretches from East to West Baltimore.

Dark lighting promotes crime because it's harder for people to see; therefore the average criminal feels secure. It's psychological and there are several studies that proves this as fact. Granted, crime happens everywhere but when an area is well lit it will promote safer grounds. The LED lighting creates an unsafe environment for people who want to feel safe within their communities; people want to see who's walking around in their neighborhoods, and they should have that right.

This petition calls for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to do what is necessary to change the lights in our neighborhoods back to those "yellow lights" that allowed us to see everything and everyone walking up and down our streets at night. Together lets make Baltimore a safer place for everyone.

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