No Demo Permit for P.B. Bell for Pink Drive-Thru Liquor Building on Melrose Curve

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The Melrose District is very special to those of us who live in the neighborhood, as well as to those who come to shop and play. It's special because it has quirky charm, historic houses and historic buildings.

One of the iconic buildings we have on 7th Avenue is the Melrose Liquors building, better known as the pink, drive-thru liquor store on the curve. It was built in 1957 and you can read more about the history here.

When P.B. Belll, the developer of the new "luxury apartments" The Curve at Melrose met with community members about the new development, there was no mention of tearing down the pink liquor store. Then came some polls from the developer on various neighborhood Facebook groups and NextDoor that asked if the neighbors wanted to keep the pink liquor store or have a pocket park instead. From the results of those who responded, 52% voted to keep the building, 43% voted to remove the building (though the poll asked about the business versus demolition of the building) and 5% didn't care. And apparently the developer doesn't care about what the community wants...

Today, a demolition permit was posted on the building. It is for a full demolition which you can read here. There is a 30 day stay on this permit, which means we have 30 days to try to save this historic building which could easily be repurposed in to something very cool for our neighborhood. 

Let's preserve the buildings which give our community a sense of place!

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