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ReZone Albany is a proposal that will affect the vibrancy of LARK STREET.   It calls for businesses (Mobil, Dunkin Donuts, our three convenience stores, Cafe 217 and Market 32/Price Chopper) that are currently allowed to be opened for 24 hours and businesses that are currently allowed to be opened until 4:00AM to close at 2:00AM while allowing similar businesses located in different areas of the City (Downtown Albany and the Warehouse District) to remain open for 24 hours or open until 4:00AM.  It also limits businesses in our neighborhoods to 11:00PM operation times, potentially crippling Center Square Pub, Palais Royale, and Madison Grille. ReZone Albany creates an inequality for LARK STREET businesses while creating an economic advantage for other parts of the City.

For Decades, LARK STREET, the Village in the City, has served as home to hard working Albany citizens from all walks of life.   The safety, vibrancy, and diversity of our neighborhood has always been strengthened by the wonderful mix of residents, retail businesses, bars, restaurants and other commercial services. 

ReZone Albany, a proposal initiated by the Mayor of the City of Albany, will change the dynamic of the LARK STREET while also creating an undue competition with our sister neighborhoods in our City.   The Mayor and her appointed ReZone committee together with some members of the Albany Common Council are considering taking away the vibrancy of our LARK STREET neighborhood, the livelihoods of its workers and tenants, the rental values of the properties in and around Lark Street, and safety of all those who choose to live, work, and play in this neighborhood.

By forcing the lights off at 2:00AM on LARK STREET and 11:00PM in the surrounding, heavily walked neighborhoods, which will push business and foot traffic to other parts of the City, ReZone is creating a safety concern for not only the 2nd and 3rd shift population that heavily resides in and patronizes our neighborhood but for every resident that resides in the Center Square, Hudson Park, and Washington Park Neighborhoods.   Those of us who consider this entire neighborhood our home together with the businesses not only contribute to our City’s economy but more importantly we support and patronize the businesses and help to keep the streets safe and the neighborhoods vibrant. 

In addition to creating safety concerns, the proposed changes in the ReZone plan effect the livelihoods of all those who make their living by working in this neighborhood. The 14 hours a week in lost business & wages, and the trickle-down effect of that lost business on the sustainability of the bars and restaurants could have a disastrous effect on the vibrancy of this neighborhood. Hundreds of service industry workers and dozens of businesses depend on the foot traffic and patronage that a vibrant urban district creates in neighborhoods like LARK STREET. 

With decreased business comes loss of wages, loss of jobs, and a diminishing rental pool for our neighborhood. Loss of business and businesses will lead to an increases in prices, and a trickle down effect to businesses not open after 2am currently.

All LARK STREET businesses depend on the knowledge of the Mayor of the City of Albany and her staff to acknowledge and to want to assist LARK STREET businesses to maintain their status as a destination within the City.  While the Mayor focuses on Downtown and the Warehouse District, she seems to ignore that LARK STREET is home to many types of small businesses, restaurants and bars that provide a service and an appeal that is lacking in today's corporate business climate.

For decades, the LARK STREET neighborhood has appealed to a diverse population from the upper middle class to college students.  LARK STREET’S soul, its welcoming vibe, and its diversity of business offerings, residents, art and culture are what make the LARK STREET area the most sought after area to live in our City.   With every roadblock that the City puts in our way, we run the risk of diminishing and eventually extinguishing the flame of what we feel is a shining example of The City of Albany's heart, soul, and appeal.

There are already mechanisms in place to deal with potentially problem businesses and instead of coming up with a solution to a problem that a vocal minority believes exists, by signing this petition you join us in our request that LARK STREET be allowed to flourish and continue to be a vibrant neighborhood within our city. 

In addition, by signing this petition you join us in requesting those within the City administration and our elected officials to take a very deliberate and thoughtful look at what this current draft of the ReZone will have on our neighborhood, our livelihood, and our safety and make a decision to allow LARK STREET the same opportunities that are being given to Downtown and the Warehouse District.   

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