Forego clear the shelter day with S.P.O.T (Saving pets on transport)

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Before Uriel left we had discussed instead of clear the shelter day we would do a transport day. 

The step in shelter manager Hugo isn’t fond of that idea.  

So instead of blindly placing dogs into potentially disastrous situations we place them with RESCUE PARTNERS who can ensure good homes. This is the backlash we receive on EVERY topic since Uriel has left. 

Every suggestion and every question is met with resistance, rudeness, and an overall dismissal. 

This is a SAFER option and it is a guarantee (in the sense X amount of animals will leave the shelter to safe places). 

We have sent over 300 animals in the last 6 months on transport and only one had to be euthanized (medical reasons). These animals are placed into loving homes by adoption counselors. There are more  rigorous screening when placing these animals up north. 

Many shelters are choosing to forego clear the shelter day and implement other programs to increase the chances of the dogs going to a good home. 

Clear the shelter day means: 

On a normal day in most shelters, little to NO checking is done to see if an animal will find a permanent home with the prospective adopter. No landlord checking to see if that pit bull is allowed, that pet deposits are paid, etc.  All of this will land the animal right back in the shelter or, worse, dumped on the streets.  No conversations about previous pets and their outcomes, whether the adopter has a relationship with a vet or even knows what the average animal need in the way of minimum care. Lack of training of shelter personnel and manpower are the reasons for so little screening.  On these action packed “Clear the Shelter” there is even less time for any counseling or screening.
Unfortunately many municipal shelters allow pets adopted to leave UNALTERED on “spay/neuter contracts”,relying on the adopters to “do the right thing” and get their new pet fixed. No problem if they are properly counseled and understand the importance of altering AND there isstrict follow up with the pet owner to comply. Compliance is neither strict or timely and many animals enter the shelter pregnant or litters of their offspring clog the shelter within a few months of leaving to their new home. Compliance rates are reported to be around 60%and this is both  optimistic and anecdotal since no real tracking occurs.
Pets adopted for nefarious or criminal activity are at high risk in “free” adoptions.  Kittens used as bait animals or food for snakes, dogs used for bait dog or to be abused by psychopathic people or animals used to breed for money are all at risk.  Is this a small amount of the numbers who are adopted? Certainly, but what is anacceptable number of animals to endure that risk? 10%, 5%, even 1%?  We have to decide if we are willing to take a chance with these lives.


Please sign this petition! By signing this petition you support animals leaving the shelter on transport and going through an adoption process that safely places these animals.