Unimaginable dog neglect in shelter Kanis in Sremska Mitrovica

Unimaginable dog neglect in shelter Kanis in Sremska Mitrovica

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In the Serbian town of Sremska Mitrovica, disgusting dog abuse has been taking place for months, caused by the ruthless Mayor Vladimir Sanader.

For many months, Vladimir Sanader has no longer funded any food for the 400 dogs in the Kanis shelter. Sporadic watery prison waste and leftover bread from a bakery encourage the mutual mutilation of the constantly starving dogs. If the European sponsors had not contributed more than €15000 there would be no dogs left in the Kanis shelter.

Since April, Mayor has not paid salaries to Kanis employees, causing them to leave and the dogs are then largely left on their own.

Dog catchers of the „dog murderer“ Vladimir Sanader brutally and without any training primitively capture street dogs and deport them (even if they have owners) to the prison grounds. No one is allowed to see the dogs, not even the director of the shelter nor the dog owners. Are these dogs still alive?

So far, neither Sanader nor the prison director haven't responded to any pleas and requests in months.

All the facts as well as testimonies of citizens from Sremska Mitrovica suggest that the 40 kennels on the prison grounds, which have so far been financed through EU funds, will be used as a „still secret“ killing camp.

Please everyone, help us save the lives of our fellow beings.

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