Petition to Stop Project Homekey at Branham and Monterey Road

Petition to Stop Project Homekey at Branham and Monterey Road

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Started by Sophia M

The San Jose City Council has approved the seeking of funds for Project Homekey, a housing project seeking to build the largest interim homeless housing in the county, an estimated 176 - 204 multi-unit, 3 story modular structure on the small plot of land on the corner of Branham and Monterey Rd in San Jose, CA. Our community is concerned about the impact of Project Homekey on the safety of the local community, neighborhoods, elementary schools, high schools and parks.

The District 10 Councilmember, Matt Mahan, approved use of this site without the consent or considerations of the existing community that is within 30 feet of the site. The residents, directly up against this site were only notified of their plans with 2 days prior notice of the council meeting to seek the funds for this site with very little time for the community to organize and provide feedback and opinions. This is not the way city council should engage the communities and families they are directly impacting.

This project is being imposed on the residents of San Jose without their input and without public participation. There has been no environmental, noise or community impact report. A proposal with such a huge impact on their residents should require full transparency from all elected officials. 

An additional $5 million in funds have been promised by donor, John Sobrato for this site specifically rather than providing a donation to HomeKey or the CA Department of Housing for use at any location. In contrast to the the many potential hotel/motel conversions that would be closer to Sobrato's businesses and real estate investments, he has specifically chosen this site to donate. In his own words "we need to move those with substance abuse and mental issues off our downtown streets because they are driving away customers." This site however, has many drawbacks and additional considerations than just being away from downtown businesses.

- The site on Branham and Monterey will require new construction of dwelilng units and installation of utilities vs acquisition or rehabilitation of motels, hotels, hostels, or other sites and other buildings with existing use through Project Homekey. This will undoubtly be more costly and requiremore funding and money from taxpayers.

- The proposed D10 Interim 3 Story Modular Housing Site is located within a “shared” section of District 2 impacting adjacent D2 neighborhoods, D2 Elementary/Junior & Sr High Schools, D2 Library and D2 Parks.

This District 10 Homekey Site proposed at Branham and Monterey is at the furthest edge of the District 10 border so the councilman can check the box that his district is housing a EIHC site, but without any consideration of the existing community.

If the city and the housing department want to build housing without consideration of the neighboring communities they will impact, they can do so in the vast open spaces available throughout the city and county or consider converting the multitude of vacant buildings, hotels/motels. Please join us and demand a stop to plans to build an interim housing project on Branham and Monterey Rd by signing this petition.

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1,267 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!