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Shut Down Rockstar Burgers

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The internet has been flooded with the imagery posted on Brian Smith's google business page regarding his restaurant. Before the videos were taken down, they received over 20,000 views. The content of the videos showed beastiality at the very least, as well as possible assault.

More reports about the general lifestyle of those that own Rockstar Burgers specifically has been subject of scrutiny by the public and those that reside in KCMO since it opened.

We are not here to debate whether anyone was involved with any one specific thing. The continual reports of trauma and general nuisances out of Rockstar Burgers is enough.

Help me in closing down this restaurant, and taking away at least one thing which Brian Smith and associates have utilized to harm, or maim the images of various unnamed people within its walls.

This is a community project in relation to the CANCEL ROCKSTAR BURGERS protests happening within the week. Please raise awareness, sign the petition, and support any and all of those hassled and otherwise victimized by Brian Smith and Rockstar Burgers.

****Edit 11/29/19**** It has repeatedly come to my attention that both KCPD and the FBI are aware of Rockstar Burgers and Brian Smith. While I have nothing to do with either agency and obviously can speak for neither, it is usually rule of thumb to move forward with persons familiar with each the establishment, the owner, and the incidents in question for things such as prosecution. 

With that said, I do hope something is done with the establishment in question, and do believe with both signatures and protests, as well as calls to the health department, vendors, and other agencies relative to suspected activity will set off a dinamo effect and bring Brian Smith and any co conspirators to justice.

Please share. Please show up to events. Please speak up, if it is safe to do so.

Thank you everyone involved with the sharing of information, of clarification, and all those with the bravery it takes to change the way our community can operate.

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