Don’t take away our right to choose: delay mandatory sterilization of animals in Montreal

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Dear citizens and admirers of Montreal,

We request your attention towards the most loyal companionship in the history of mankind, and violation of our human right of choice. January 2020, all pets in Montreal are to be neutralized. This is to control the growing population of abandoned pets among other behavioral benefits. We understand and agree with these concerns. However, there are always two sides of a coin.

1)      Best decisions are made knowing both advantages and disadvantages. From the data available, not a single disadvantage has been identified for this mass sterilization, showing there is either not enough research conducted, or there is bias in the study.

2)      We believe, these situations are better solved through education, rather than taking away our right to choose. How come we are not prioritizing education for our citizens to form better, deeper relationships with our companions, which is likely to result in coping better with the situation at hand?

Our petition is for the city of Montreal to consider delaying this law for at least 1 year to further research, review and publish a comprehensive study.

By signing this petition, you are:

1)      Urging general awareness about this matter.

2)      Urging city of Montreal to delay the current deadline, we need a little more time to think alternate solutions through.

3)      We are asking for volunteers, industry experts and businesses in different domains to brainstorm about alternate solutions. Some ideas include:

a.       In Mexico, government and volunteers campaigned for free pet neutering to control the growing population of abandoned pets. One of the organizations is Others are in references below.

b.       Initiate an unbiased study into advantages and disadvantages of neutering, and how-to best cope with each. We have heard of the terms “dog therapy”, and “spirit guides”, let’s make sure we know what we are getting into before enforcing our own will on nature again, a mindset we are still working so hard to get out of as a society.

c.       Share your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube videos, blogs and businesses. To enable tracking, please use #FFF, which stands for “Freedom From Fears”

In Montreal, we are welcoming of people from all backgrounds and orientations. There is this culture of “doing what makes sense” and “Freedom From Fears” that makes us who we are, proud Montrealers seeking to set a positive example for the world. This petition is not to be against sterilization but rather to claim our right to choose.

                Thank you for your time and attention by simply agreeing or disagreeing with this petition.

Dante’s family