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Allow us to obtain a special permit or amend the by-law to continue to allow our pet pot belly pig Eli to live in our house. This story is not over county still wants Eli removed by force if necessary!

Here is some of the story about Eli the pot belly pig. Eli was orphaned when he was very young and hand raised by humans he does not consider himself to be a pig nor could Eli become accustomed to living with other pigs on a farm. He has lived in a house for all of his life. Eli has made visits to different school here within Sherwood Park and also has visited sick children to help them get through trying times whether it be cancer the kids are facing or other illnesses Eli always brings a smile to their face and leaves the kids happier then when he came. About 2 months ago a neighbour started a complaint with Strathcona County bylaw that we were raising livestock in our backyard, bylaw officers came to our house and told us of the complaint. We could not believe it we are not raising livestock we have a family pet that lives in our house, cuddles with our girls and sleeps under our daughters loft bed. Eli is not livestock even by definition, livestock is a animal kept for use or profit, he is a pet a companion animal that is loved greatly. Last week we were told of the decision to force us to remove Eli from our home, this decision was made by the mayor of Strathcona County and as she made this decision she can change her mind and reverse this decision to keep Eli with his family. So please sign this petition to keep Eli with his family and make a difference in his and his family's life.

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