NEW 911 Call Ordinance for San Antonio

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As we know innocent people have died and continue to die by these hateful calls on black people doing everyday task... and the caller does NOT get any punishment or fine or a slap on the wrist even, for misleading officers, using tax payer dollars,wasting police time ...OH... AND POSSIBLY KILLING AN INNOCENT PERSON FOR:

-dumping trash in their own dumpsters
-playing basketball on the basketball court
-sleeping in their own dorm room
-trying to get into your own apt

The 911 Ordinance would alleviate someone calling the police because they feel like a Black person is not suppose to be there! This order would discipline anyone who used RACE to make a situation seem more dangerous.

It would read something like this....

Anyone who calls 911, that is found to have falsified the report will be arrested or fined at least $1000 when race is used to increase false or fake reports.

Not here in SA... Not anymore!

This is just 1 step to justice and change. There are many more to come! Want to help? Sign this petition and let your voice be heard and Let's make change  together!