Beachwood Trick or Treating on Oct 30th

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For nearly 80 years, our small town of Beachwood, New Jersey has held Trick or Treat on October 30th so that our residents and children are able to participate and or attend the 2nd largest Halloween Parade in the world on Halloween night. 

The year after hurricane Sandy, Toms River Fire Co. No. 1 decided to change the tradition, making the parade the Saturday before Halloween. And Trick or Treating naturally on Halloween. However, due to poor participation and attendance over the past three years, they have deiced to return the parade to Halloween night as it has been for 70 plus years. 

The problem is this, Beachwood, has yet to return our towns Trick or Treating date to October 30th as all our neighboring towns have already done. As part of the Toms River School System where our children attend school with kids from neighboring towns, it only makes sense that we would readopt our old Trick or Treating tradition. Yes we can take our children over to one of these other towns on the 30th if we so choose, but our children should be allowed to Trick or Treat in their own neighborhood the same day as their classmates. Another issue to consider is while the parade is at night, and kids will have a few hours of door to door Trick or Treating before heading to the parade. There are many kids who are in the parade that will be required to line up hours before the parade begins. These kids will then have to miss out on either Trick or Treating or participating in the parade. 

Upon realizing the date of our Trick or Treating had not been changed, many residents have reached out to our Mayor, thinking this was simply an oversight, but have since discovered that is not the case. Our mission, is to show Mayor Roma and the members of the council just how important it is to Beachwood Residents to keep the tradition of Trick or Treating in line with the Toms River Halloween Parade.



Beachwood Residents in Support of October 30th Trick or Treating

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