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Mayor Robert Mahon, Avon-By-the-Sea: Restore the Avon Pavilion Lease!

The Avon Pavilion is a Jersey Shore landmark, serving residents and visitors for over 23 years. After Superstorm Sandy, the boardwalk restaurant and boutique was destroyed. But worse than that, with no notice whatsoever, Avon Mayor Mahon and Commissioner Gorman, with at-best suspect legal reasoning, terminated the Avon Pavilion lease leaving the Avon Pavilion family shocked and dismayed.

We are unsure of the reasons behind Mayor Mahon and Commissioner Gorman’s actions. Their actions will not only cost the residents of Avon enormous legal fees and years in court; they'll also prevent all the guests of the Jersey Shore from visiting the great institution. It will prevent all the local families from dining at this quintessential summer place, and it will cost many of the Avon Pavilion family their livelihoods.

Sign, and we'll deliver it to the Mayor before the next Town Hall meeting on Feb. 11.

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