Justice For Ozzy! LBPD K9 Officer Left in Hot Police Car to Die!

Justice For Ozzy! LBPD K9 Officer Left in Hot Police Car to Die!

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JUSTICE FOR K9 OZZY, is a group of concerned citizens organized to PROTEST the DEATH of K9 OZZY, call for TRANSPARENCY in the investigation surrounding his death and to ADDRESS THE FAILURES  of the Long Beach Police Department to properly care for and PRESERVE THE LIVES of K9’s allocated to the department for the purpose of protecting and serving the Long Beach community.

The Long Beach Police Department has FAILED in its responsibility to properly care for its K9 corps in the past as evidenced by the death of multiple K9’s left in hot cars to die, and most recently to allow oversight and proper supervision of its handlers to deteriorate to the point that on August 14, 2019 LBPD K9 Ozzy, while off-duty, was - though his handler's criminal negligence - left unattended and trapped in his K-9 vehicle where he slowly succumbed to an agonizing death as a result of the rising heat of the day.

After weeks of failing to respond to the public’s questions surrounding Ozzy’s death the LBPD announced that an INTERNAL INVESTIGATION would be conducted and that the Department would answer no further questions until the investigation was complete.  

It is the findings and position of JUSTICE FOR K9 OZZY and its SUPPORTERS that: 

1. An internal investigation is not a criminal investigation.  
2. An internal investigation is not a transparent investigation.
3. An internal investigation will not expose the negligence, policy failures and absence of personal responsibility that allowed an off-duty K9 to perish at a time,  place and under circumstances that the LBPD refuses to identify.
4. An internal investigation does not assure the public that Ozzy’s death will serve to protect the lives of other K9’s placed in the hands of the LBPD in the future.
5. An internal investigation will not assure the Long Beach community and those concerned with the treatment and protection of K9’s by the LBPD will result in reforms to existing management systems, policies, procedures, attitudes and equipment to insure the prevention of like K9 deaths in the future.
6. An internal investigation will not assure JUSTICE FOR OZZY.

THEREFORE, the UNDERSIGNED supporting the goals of the JUSTICE FOR K9 OZZY organization  PETITIONS Mayor Robert Garcia and the Long Beach City Council to - by means of RESOLUTION - implement the following:  

1. Solicit District Attorney Jackie Lacey to conduct an independent criminal investigation into the totality of circumstances surrounding the death of K9 Ozzy and to file criminal charges against all persons found to be criminally liable for all acts and omissions surrounding the time, place and activities related to Ozzy’s off-duty death.
2. Establish and finance an investigation by an independent Blue Ribbon K9 Commission comprised of members of the Long Beach community, experts in K9 management and supervision, a veterinarian and advocates against cruelty to animals to investigate the historical administration of the LBPD’s K9 program, the breakdowns in policy, procedure and administration of the LBPD K9 program and all circumstances that led to the death of all K9’s that have died while in the care of LBPD handlers other than those K9’s that passed from natural causes.
3. Require that the Blue Ribbon K9 Commission report its findings and progress to the pubic from time to time, to complete its inquiry  within one  year and to publish its findings and recommendations in a report to the Mayor, Council and the public at the end of that year of inquiry.
4. Require that the Independent Blue Ribbon K9 Commission thereafter meet semi-annually to review the implementation of its recommendations to insure  continuity in the administration and supervision of policy and procedure related to the care and safety of the LBPD K9 corps


Justice for K9 Ozzy

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!